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Roanoke coordinates: 37o 16' 04" N, 79o 56' 26"W Altitude is about 1050 feet (320 meters)

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e: bring your own food, beverages, cups and utensils; folding chairs; and eat in family groups.  Masks will be worn whenever social distancing cannot be maintained outdoors or in the observatory. There will be do

RVAS Monthly Meeting: Monday, Monday, November 21st, 7:30 p.m. Natural Science Center, Virginia Western Community College, Colonial Avenue, Roanoke, VA. (Informal “Celestial Café” chat session begins at 7:00 p.m.). The RVAS holds its first hybrid in-person and Zoom meeting since becoming Zoom-only due to the COVID pandemic. We extend our deepest gratitude to VWCC for graciously providing this meeting place opportunity and to RVAS member Dr. Mallory White, Assistant Professor at VWCC, for making this opportunity possible. Our main meeting program for the evening will be presented by Michael Martin, RVAS Past President. Michael’s topic is “Imaging Jupiter and Saturn”. With the giant planets now well placed in the evening skies, Michael will discuss various strategies and techniques for imaging them using a telescope, iPhone and DSLR camera. He’ll range from snapping an iPhone pic to capturing and processing video frames with AutoStakkert and Registax. RVAS member Mark Hodges will follow up with “Focusing Your Telescope—Or, ‘Why does that star look like a donut?’”, a short primer on the importance of a sharp focus for stargazing. We’ll also have our astrophotography from members segment, What’s Up? sky review and time for observing and other reports. Masks will be optional for those attending the in-person gathering. The Zoom link will be issued during or just prior to the weekend before the meeting for memberspreferring to attend remotely.

Details and a map of VWCC are provided  in the November issue of the RVAS Newsletter..