Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society

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Cordinates: 37o 16' 04" N, 79o 56' 26"W
Altitude is about 1050 feet (320 meters)

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MONTHLY ZOOM MEETING: Monday, July 20th, 7:30 p.m. For the July meeting, our newly elected RVAS President, John Goss, will take the helm and lead the group in a discussion of major issues facing ama-teur astronomy and the RVAS: Light pollution; the new phenomena of “Satellite Constellations”; and introduc-ing the public, especially youth, to our fascinating avocation. We will also look at the RVAS as an organization and how it compares with other astronomy clubs. In addition, John will open the floor for observing and oth-er reports and announcements, and we’ll have our What’s Up sky review for August. Participation will continue to be limited to RVAS members. Invitations and instructions for signing in will be emailed to members.

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By Clem Elechi